Central Cee

Growing up in and around Shepherds Bush, surrounded by the richness of music and cultural history, Central Cee has found a purpose for himself that reflects the community around him. Never having missed a carnival, that environment has played a key role in his musical upbringing and background.

In a year where the unexpected has become normal, Central Cee has been making his name heard throughout 2020. Day In The Life, his first release of the year, sees Central Cee deliver commentary on trap life while displaying his grime-like flow over a melodic, piano-led drill beat.

He’s garnered millions of streams this year alone with Loading being his most successful release to date, it won’t be long before Central Cee’s ready to deliver a story over an entire project. He’s shown so far that the potential and promise is there. “I’ve always wanted to make it and be successful, so I’ve always applied pressure and been hard on myself,” he says.

He’s only 22 himself but he moves with the vision and presence of someone much older, Central Cee doesn’t want his music to be just for the moment but over time, it’s clear that he wants to create a legacy for himself. “First and foremost, I want to change me and my family’s life. I’m the oldest out of four brothers so I want to be a voice for them and I want to inspire them,” he says.