Meth Math

Mexico’s Meth Math specialise in twisting reggaeton into new and unusual shapes. Led by singer Ángel Ballesteros and completed by producers Error.Error and Bonsai Babies, the trio – who grew up together in Hermosillo, some 1200 miles to the north of Mexico City – are relative newcomers.

Moving to Mexico City six years ago, Ballesteros has become a stalwart in the capital, not only making music but also creating visual art under the moniker Antes de Cristo and running cult fashion label Baby Angel, which counts Rihanna as a fan. While it’s that journey from Hermosillo to her current home that inspired the narrative for Meth Math’s upcoming debut EP, El Vals De La Piedra showcases a more abstract side to the trio’s sound. The track, was inspired by the singer imagining life as something non-human, in this case, a stone under a waterfall.

Meth Math’s last release, Tambaleo, is full of wonky synths and a snaking vocal. The track is « made for helping you defeat the final boss on Mortal Kombat, » according to a press release.